PART II. Learn and Earn: The Solution to Lack of Product Knowledge

Wondering how the Learn and Earn Module plays into training and sales? Simple. It encourages members of your sales department to take product knowledge seriously, which in turn enables them to deliver prospects a better sales experience and in the end, greater results. Keep reading to learn the solution to lack of product knowledge.

The truth is, if your staff doesn’t take the development of product knowledge seriously, your company sales figures aren’t going to wow. This can lead to a half-hearted sales department that routinely misses opportunities. In the long run, it reduces the number of loyal customers. That further detracts from your potential business success.

Luckily, the Learn and Earn Module is the solution to lack of product knowledge. It offers a powerful incentive for your sales department to learn all about your products, then pass this knowledge on to the customer.

Failure to Upsell Products Results in a Poorer Result

Despite their job titles, salespeople don’t always want to sell. The case is even worse with channel partners. People who align with your company to sell your products might superficially seem like your greatest advocates, but that’s often not true.

Why? Because contractors, for instance, are often too focused on giving their clients the “best deal.” They focus on cutting costs for their customer rather than providing the best product. Even where a prospect would like an upgrade, they may advise against it on the grounds that it’s not necessary.

Seem counterintuitive? Prospects often think so too. Unlike contractors, they want to know the best options. Moreover, they often want to buy the best options but aren’t given a choice. It comes back to a lack of product knowledge. If those channel partners knew how good the next-tier choice really was, they might sell a whole lot more of it. They might understand where the real deal really is.

Product Education Is Key to Better Results All Around

Unfortunately, a lot of sales departments focus on profit in their training. They try mercilessly to beat those figures into the heads of salespeople and channel partners. Then they’re confused when this doesn’t work.

The truth is, profit figures aren’t always motivating, especially not to someone whose highest goal is to do the right thing by a client or customer. Instead, you need a training program that focuses on product knowledge. It needs to:

● Highlight the benefits of each product
● Provide accurate specs and details
● Clarify why a prospect would want this product over a cheaper option
● Demonstrate how the product leads to the overall best result for the end user

A training program capable of doing that will encourage greater familiarity with and selling of products. Enter the Learn and Earn Module, your solution to lack of product knowledge.

Incentivizing Product Knowledge with Learn and Earn

The Learn and Earn module aims to help your employees and partners increase their product knowledge within an environment that holds their attention. Rewards programs, trivia, surveys and customized content all ensure both engagement and motivation making them the best solution to lack of product knowledge. Instead of simply completing mandatory materials (boring!), your salespeople now have a chance to better their own lives through bettering those of your prospects.

Are you ready to learn more about the Learn and Earn Module and start seeing greater success in your sales department today? Please contact our team at Loyaltyworks, and we’ll walk you through your options and answer any questions you might have. Time to start earning and learning!