Have You Considered the Learn and Earn Module?

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PART I. Sales Training – Learn and Earn Module

Have you considered the Learn and Earn Module? Among the many models geared toward helping salespeople retain their training and stay at the top of their game, the Learn and Earn Module is fighting its way to the front. Sales is a difficult field. Without constant sharpening of skills and brushing up on expertise, salespeople and channel partners tend to forget their training.

In the U.S. and around the world, companies spend billions upon billions of dollars training their employees to improve their sales performance. Unfortunately, success is spotty at best. Where sales training does work, its results seem to be expiration-dated. This leaves you in the same situation you were in before: with undertrained staff who need help. Luckily, the Learn and Earn model presents a solution in the form of motivation to continuously check back in with and brush up on old sales skills, product knowledge and more.

The Right Type of Salesperson for Your Business

A knowledgeable salesperson has a far better chance of hitting sales targets and achieving company objectives. They are better able to respond to customer needs, anticipate questions and engage their prospects in the moment. Ironically, though, it is often in an effort to do just this that salespeople let their training languish. Because they are busy engaging with customers – which seems the more lucrative move in the short term – their training suffers.

While the motivation to stay engaged with the customer is commendable, your sales staff won’t get far without knowledge. It’s critical to find some way to engage salespeople in their own training process, now and in future. But how?

The Learn and Earn Module at Work

As its name suggests, the Learn and Earn Module successfully links learning with rewards, thereby motivating salespeople to stay engaged in their own training. In turn, this encourages them to make consistent improvements in their knowledge and abilities. Employees have a wide range of activities through which they may engage with the training material. These include:

● Online training
● Quizzes
● Trivia
● Surveys
● Submitting customer feedback

… and more. You can configure the content how you like, so employees receive the rewards you select, in the manner you choose. Increase the frequency or payout of rewards to match your specific needs. Watch your sales staff respond! What we’ve seen, again and again, is a more highly specialized and knowledgeable sales staff and partners, who enjoy and routinely engage in ongoing training. We know you’ll see the same thing when you give Learn and Earn a try.

Learn and Earn Boosts Sales

In short order, the Learn and Earn Module helps you boost sales. This occurs through a variety of mechanisms. For one thing, it increases the overall level of product knowledge among your employees. It encourages them to fill out and submit surveys and customer feedback, which gives you valuable information. It engages them with trivia and rewards. It promotes skill expansion and adherence to protocol, delivering training in a multimedia environment. And it does all in a fun – yes, fun – way.

The truth is, grownups like to have fun too, and the Learn and Earn Module offers just that. Instead of dry or dull sales materials, you can now offer employees an experience. If you’d like to learn more about this program, get in touch with our team at Loyaltyworks today.