4 Ways Sales Leaderboard Software Can Bring Out the Competitors in a Sales Team

Sales leaderboard software is a simple and fool-proof way to create a sense of fun and competition within your sales team. This software helps you compile information about participants in an easy to use scoring system. You can choose to present data in many different ways to stimulate competition.

Leaderboards are a great way to automate ranking and showcase the highest scorers. It creates a sense of who is the ‘best’ while allowing users to preview a variety of games. This sense of friendly competition is an effective way to stimulate activity on your platform. Loading information and scrolling through various results will yield an incredibly exciting system for users of all skill levels. There are no limits when it comes to these elements of virtual gaming and competition.
sales leaderboard software

Why Sales Leaderboard Software Works

Perhaps the biggest reason to consider leaderboards is to give your sales team an enjoyable experience that motivates them to work harder. The familiar style of the leaderboard combined with incentives and data points about others will help users feel more comfortable with your system. They will probably be able to relate to the design and preview because it looks like other leaderboards they may have seen. Meanwhile, it will also create a centralized way for you to view user information for individuals and groups.

Four Sales-Boosting Features of Leaderboards

Wondering why you would go with sales leaderboard software? Here are four ways this software can motivate your sales team members:

#1: Sale Competitions

Leaderboards deliver some powerful statistics to showcase the top performers in your organization. For example, displaying the number of sales made as well as who accomplished it will help create the latest results among the sales force. It can also help you choose which salespeople to team together to bring both to the level of success they deserve.

#2: Track Goals

Setting landmarks or goals where salespeople can achieve success is a great way to improve interest in your organization. Having a board that is both easy to view and shows progress on a timeline can motivate individuals to get ahead in the leaderboard system. They can set their own goals or you can set a few for them. They can even get into competitions with others and strive to meet goals set in the spirit of fun.

#3: Recognition

Leaderboards create a sense of recognition and prestige. Not only can users gain attention from their peers, but there is also the chance for management personnel to view these statistics or other facts. The more people with eyes on the leaderboard, the more likely someone will get noticed by those who can make the decisions for the next phase of their career. It is a useful system for creating positive avenues of recognition.

#4: Engagement

Whether your team is looking for moral support or needs a motivator, leaderboards are sure to increase engagement. In addition to offering an opportunity to play fun games and have a little “downtime” while working, they also remind those salespeople to…well, get back to work! They showcase the finest talent while encouraging other members of the talent pool to step up their game. The opportunity to compete against one another can improve the size of your team as well as the quality of their work over the long haul.

Leaderboards Offer a Win-Win for You and Your Sales Team

Participants and management teams can both benefit from leaderboards. They are perhaps one of the most innovative and resourceful ways to improve your business. They create change in the short term and even greater change over time.

Top grading is a natural thing in the presence of leaderboards. When people know how well others are doing, it can make them work even harder. Those who aren’t at the top will strive to receive the same praise and honors, so they will work harder to get there.

Not only does a leaderboard enhance productivity and allow for friendly competition, it also offers mystery and suspense. How did the top people get into their position? What can a new sales team member do to make the grade? Who will jump to the top of the board this time?

The staff might even place friendly bets on whether one salesperson will best the other this week! This feeds into the human need for competition and sportsmanship, something you can leverage easily with the sales leaderboard software module.

At Loyaltyworks, we can help you to incorporate sales leaderboard software seamlessly into your existing sales systems and paradigms. With highly effective methods of implementation, you can activate the leaderboard with a few clicks and begin to use it immediately. Interested to know more? Contact the Loyaltworks team today at 800-844-5000 to get customized solutions for your business needs.