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How to Increase Sales with Distributors

increase sales with distributors

Not all online loyalty programs are made equally, and most are tailored to employee-based incentives. Anyone can throw up an online loyalty program and hope to increases sales with distributors, but what is most important is how you run it and the technology you use so you do meet sales goals. Communicate with distributors often. […]


B2C vs. B2B Loyalty Programs

b2c vs b2b loyalty programs

When people think of loyalty programs, they most likely picture the kinds of programs they encounter in their daily lives: saving up travel miles for a free ticket, filling up a stamp card, or even just accumulating points to spend in an online rewards catalog. The team in charge of running the programs are usually […]


Understanding the Buying Behavior of B2B Customers

b2b customers behavior

Traditionally, buying behavior of B2B customers relied heavily on building personal relationships, nurturing those contacts and providing them with a reliable point-of-sale with their preferred suppliers. Millenials have flipped the script. Few stay in one position long enough to learn everyone’s name at their own companies, let alone establish profiles within an industry. Technology is […]


Stats on How to Forge Better B2B Relationships

engage your vip sales channel partners3

Risk aversion and resistance to change When done correctly, the creation of a market collective…addresses a multitude of common problems that plague decision making within B2B companies, including: An overly intense focus on internal considerations or end users Reactive versus proactive strategic thinking To increase the value of your brand, you must move the market’s […]


How to Engage Your Most Important Sales Channel Partners

engage your top sales channel partners

  There is no substitute for understanding and engaging the person who signs the contracts. —Sean Geehan As a sales channel manufacturer, distributor or dealer, “If only” probably runs through your head often. “If only I had access to my partners’ customer data,” perhaps, or “If only I could do more for my most valuable […]


B2B Research on Why It’s Important to Show Partners You Care

Show Partners You Care

Omni-Channel Experience is Critical to Fueling B2B Customer Engagement, Finds, Accenture and SAP hybris Study Thirty-eight percent of buyers exclusively use digital channels, while 32 percent mix online and offline channels. B2B buyers are adopting more online channels [in 2015] than ever: seventy percent of B2B revenues now come from customers using digital channels. When compared […]


Research to Help You Get Input from Sales Channel Decision Makers Using Incentives


The Changing Face of B2B Marketing 89% of B2B researchers use the internet during the B2B research process. In 2014…18- to 34-year-olds accounted for almost half of all researchers, an increase of 70% [since 2012]. While 64% of the C-suite have final sign off, so do almost a quarter (24%) of the non-C-suite. What’s more, […]


Highlight Footage from the 2015 BThruB Leadership Summit Is In!

One of our favorite corporate events and company-wide endeavors of 2015 was our BthruB Leadership Summit. We began the conference last year as a way of exchanging incentive ideas, B2B marketing strategies, hearing from incentive industry experts and getting to know our clients. In October of 2015, we hosted the second annual summit at Barnsley […]


Research on Integrated Marketing for Incentive Programs

Integrated Marketing: If You Knew It, You’d Do It Integration means communicating a consistent identity from message to message, and medium to medium, and (more importantly) delivering consistently on that identity. It requires not only the identification of a powerful, unifying strategy and compelling voice for your brand, but the discipline to roll it […]


You Want an Incentive Program? Conquer Integrated Marketing First!

  Financial and Strategic Integration At the highest level of integrated marketing, you should be able to use the skills and data gained in earlier stages to drive corporate strategic planning. For the purposes of this article, we’ll be focusing namely on stages one and two, the tactical coordination and scope-redefining communications involved in integrated […]