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Understanding the Buying Behavior of B2B Customers

b2b customers behavior

Traditionally, buying behavior of B2B customers relied heavily on building personal relationships, nurturing those contacts and providing them with a reliable point-of-sale with their preferred suppliers. Millenials have flipped the script. Few stay in one position long enough to learn everyone’s name at their own companies, let alone establish profiles within an industry. Technology is […]


Studies on How and Why B2B Customers Are Behaving More Like B2C Consumers

b2b more like b2c

Do you really understand how your business customers buy? [ezcol_1half] Sellers who are ready to meet customers at different points on their journeys will exploit digital tools more fully, allocate sales and marketing resources more successfully, and stimulate collaboration between these two functions, thereby helping to win over reluctant buyers. Our experience with upward of […]


Channel Partners Are More Like Consumers Than You Think


Sales channel purchasing and marketing has the potential to become very systematic and routine in how processes are carried out. A distributor sticks with a certain supplier because they’ve never had a problem with that supplier, for instance, and because it would be a bother to find a new one. But in contemporary marketplaces, in […]


Research on Strategies to Use When You Can’t Afford an Overhaul

I. Aligning Incentives in Supply Chains i. Supply chains are expected to work efficiently without interference, as if guided by Smith’s invisible hand. But our research over the last ten years shows that executives have assumed too much. We found, in more than 50 supply chains we studied, that companies often didn’t act in ways [...] Read More...

Loyaltyworks Open Enrollment Module

The idea behind the Loyaltyworks Open Enrollment module is very simple: your incentive program participants won’t need to receive an invitation in order to join the program. Anyone who can access the web address of your incentive program can register. All of our incentive program modules are based on specific client needs we’ve observed. Open [...] Read More...

How to Reach Dealer Incentives Program ROI in 11 Steps

The idea of a reward program is familiar to most people: the program participant performs a desired action (such as purchasing more of a company’s products) and receives a reward for doing so. Dealer incentive programs are unique in that the reward recipients are not employed by you, the manufacturer in the product supply chain. […]