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How to Increase Sales with Distributors

increase sales with distributors

Not all online loyalty programs are made equally, and most are tailored to employee-based incentives. Anyone can throw up an online loyalty program and hope to increases sales with distributors, but what is most important is how you run it and the technology you use so you do meet sales goals. Communicate with distributors often. […]


How to Improve Global Channel Sales to Increase Engagement and Profits

increase global channel sales

Improving global channel sales requires having in-depth knowledge of who you’re likely to work with in a partnership. To operate on a grand scale, it’s unreasonable to try to know the minute details of each of your partners. However, groups of similar partners – based on culture, region, industry and other uniting factors – allow […]


Unraveling the Mysteries of Channel Marketing Management

Channel Marketing Management

Effective channel marketing management is hard to come by, especially in the start-up and small business environment. Part of the reason is these folks have great ideas but no clue as to how they should be marketed. The result? Around 90% of new startups will fail. Yeesh! Before you panic, take a deep breath. We’ve […]


9 Creative Marketing Strategies for Your B2B Loyalty Program

Creative Marketing Strategies

Ready to get your B2B loyalty program up and running, but looking for unique ways to promote it? Alternatively, maybe your existing B2B loyalty program is in dire need of some revitalization. Here are nine outside-the-box incentive marketing strategies that can take your program to the next level. Engage B2B customers with a kick-off contest! […]


[Presentation] The Guide to Successful Dealer Incentive Programs

April SlideShare Feature Image

Ever wonder where it is most companies fail when it comes to operating a dealer incentive program? In complex sales channels with many moving parts and often multiple different ways to reach sales goals, there are, unfortunately, many ways to miss the mark with channel incentives. It’s impossible to read the be-all, end-all manual to […]


How Do I Create a Successful Channel Marketing Strategy Plan?

channel marketing strategy plan

A successful channel marketing strategy plan will allow you to expand your marketing efforts and accelerate the growth of your sales. Moreover, a good strategy should provide you with the flexibility to adjust as needed moving forward. It is essential you’re able to identify and utilize your channel’s strengths while improving the weaknesses. An effective […]


Facts on Channel Marketing Strategies

Channel-Marketing-Strategies-Incentive-Programs(v2) [ezcol_1half] How B2B companies talk past their customers In an analysis of 704 global executives’ ratings of the brand strength of their primary and secondary suppliers. Categories and % of Top Global B2B companies with stated affiliation with theme: Cares about honest, open dialog with its customers and society: 0% Acts responsibly across its supply [...] Read More...

Channel Marketing Strategies not Working? This is Why.

Why aren’t your sales channel marketing strategies working? Because you’re not telling your customers what they want to hear. You might think that having a brand vision—values, an image, and a message—is more important for business-to-consumer (B2C) than business-to-business (B2B). That’s not the case. B2B customers care about their suppliers’ brand values and, often, those [...] Read More...