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B2C vs. B2B Loyalty Programs

b2c vs b2b loyalty programs

When people think of loyalty programs, they most likely picture the kinds of programs they encounter in their daily lives: saving up travel miles for a free ticket, filling up a stamp card, or even just accumulating points to spend in an online rewards catalog. The team in charge of running the programs are usually […]


How Do Incentives Stimulate the Sales Channel?

Sales Channel Partners

Often it’s not easy, as an HVAC supplier, to know where to begin when setting out to increase sales. Your end-consumers’ decisions often depend on input from distributors and contractors. Not to mention, people are generally uninformed or uninterested in the differences between HVAC brands. But there are effective marketing strategies available to you that […]


These Facts Reveal the Future of Sales Channel Customer Data


[ezcol_1half] The primary data collected from college students in Taiwan were analyzed to examine the relationship between perceived convenience and shopping intention. The result shows a significant relationship between the two variables, and a positive effect of convenience perception on shopping intention Building the B2B Omni-Channel Commerce Platform of the Future 49% of […]


How to Get Customer Data from B2B Loyalty Programs

get customer data from b2b loyalty programs

In channel sales, you’re often out of touch with the suppliers, customers, and end-users who matter most. You need customer data to fix that, especially when you go to market through sales channel distribution. A B2B customer loyalty program can help you motivate channel partners to submit purchase information that helps you build up accurate, […]


Learn More About Achieving Customer Loyalty Through Convenience

customer loyalty program why do your loyalty suck

To Keep Your Customers, Keep It Simple Our study found that the best tool for measuring consumer-engagement efforts is the “decision simplicity index,” a gauge of how easy it is for consumers to gather and understand (or navigate) information about a brand, how much they can trust the information they find, and how readily they […]


Secure Customer Loyalty: Make It Easy for Them to Stay and They Will

Secure Customer Loyalty

In order to secure customer loyalty in today’s markets, in which buyers put more time and thought into their purchases, businesses must engage customers with emotionally resonant and meaningful experiences. That may seem like a daunting task, especially if the services or products you provide aren’t really associated with strong emotions. Business leaders and marketers […]


Helpful Facts on B2B Customer Engagement


Loyalty – How To Win Devotion From Your Customers We researchers measure satisfaction on scales and, on a scale from 1 to 10, most companies achieve a score of around 8. This is right in the middle of what we call a “corridor of average satisfaction” which spans from 7 to 9.  In other words, […]


Want to Do Something Your Competition Isn’t? Engage B2B Customers


It’s long been thought that emotional and psychological investment in a brand is something only business-to-consumer (B2C) businesses can pull off. The common perception of B2C marketing is one of the “suits” in charge winning customer loyalty by talking to the little guy: working parents, broke college students struggling with insurance and average middle-class types […]


10 Questions to Ask Yourself to Improve Employee Motivation and Customer Loyalty


When running a business, often times we find that we spend more time working “in” our business rather than “on” our business. Here are 10 questions to regularly ask yourself… Is animosity damaging employee motivation? Are their fights amongst your employees?  Do they get along with each other?  If they do not, it’s time you […]


Brand Loyalty Examples to Help You Get Started

brand loyalty examples

Meaningfulness Produces Real Results Meaningful Brands see their marketing KPIs perform 100% better overall compared with less Meaningful Brands. With every 10% improvement in meaningfulness performance, individual brand KPIs grow by 2.5% for Familiarity, 4.9% for Overall Impression, 6.6% for Purchase Intent, 3.2% Repurchase Intent, 4.8% for Advocacy and 10.4% for Premium Pricing. Meaningful Brands […]