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How Do Loyalty Incentives Work?

What makes customer loyalty incentives work? No one formula works for all organizations. All businesses are different, as are their customer bases. There are, however, a few golden rules everyone can follow to make loyalty incentives programs more efficient and effective. Customers must see a loyalty reward worth earning. First, the incentive reward must appeal […]


What Makes Customer Loyalty Programs Work?

The basic concept of customer loyalty programs isn’t very different from marketing itself. The goal is to change customers’ behaviors. In marketing, you do this through educating, entertaining, or appealing to thriftiness or logic. But a marketing message can only take you so far. To go beyond their standard or basic purchases, customers need incentives […]


Why It’s Time to Reconsider Your List of Customer Loyalty Programs

list of customer loyalty programs

Even if you do have a list of customer loyalty programs, you might not be clear on just how crucial they are. A good product that works for your customers matters when it comes to retaining loyal customers and getting new ones. However, this by itself is no longer enough. With all the competition out […]


Do Customer Loyalty Plans Work?

To new entrepreneurs, customer loyalty plans might seem like a risk. If not implemented properly, they can become a tiresome burden and a huge waste of resources and time. When applied correctly, however, they can result in repeat purchases from customers, and they have the power to convert any business into a customer-centric profit machine. […]


What Are the Measurable Benefits of Loyalty Programs?

Benefits of Loyalty Programs

When discussing the benefits of loyalty programs, it’s important to understand the differences from (and similarities to) frequent buyer programs. Frequent Buyer Programs Lots of businesses have basic points programs that reward customers for making lots of purchases. Grocery stores fall into this category, as do gas rewards and the like. Customers are treated in […]


Learn More about Increasing Brand Value with Customer Loyalty Programs

brand value customer loyalty meme

The Rising Cost of Consumer Attention: Why You Should Care, and What You Can Do About It The market for consumer attention (or “eyeballs”) has become so competitive that attention can be regarded as a currency. The rising cost of this ingredient in the marketplace is causing marketers to waste money on costly attention sources […]


Promote Meaningful Brand Value with Customer Loyalty Programs

Promote Meaningful Brand Value

In today’s crowded marketplaces, in which traditional means of capturing customers’ attention has become more costly and less effective, businesses must learn to redefine their marketing in order to retain loyal customers. According to a 2015 article in The Guardian, there are three types of meaningful brand value that can help businesses stand out in […]


Examples of Loyalty Programs That Really Do Work

examples of loyalty programs

Customer loyalty programs get a lot of flack, because frankly, they often aren’t that effective. Customers don’t care about a dollar off here and there when they only buy something from you every two months and are spending more than $100. The answer? Add a loyalty program that actually meets their needs and sparks their […]


Want to Keep People Coming Back? Use Effective Reward Programs for Customers

reward programs for customers

Customer rewards programs, also commonly referred to as customer loyalty programs, are common enough in this day and age. What are less common are programs that actually have measurable results. If you want your reward programs for customers to build your business, increase your profits, make them feel valued and keep the relationship strong, you […]


The Art of Making Your Customers Happy

Making Your Customers Happy

Think about the last time you purchased a product or service from a business and were genuinely happy.  In fact, you were so happy that you told someone else about your positive experience.  What was it about the transaction that made you so satisfied?  It most likely wasn’t just one thing, but a combination of […]