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B2C vs. B2B Loyalty Programs

b2c vs b2b loyalty programs

When people think of loyalty programs, they most likely picture the kinds of programs they encounter in their daily lives: saving up travel miles for a free ticket, filling up a stamp card, or even just accumulating points to spend in an online rewards catalog. The team in charge of running the programs are usually […]


How Do Incentives Strengthen Distributor Loyalty

Benefits an Incentive Program Can Provide for Your Business

Learn How to Use Incentives to Strengthen Distributor Loyalty with CEO Steve Damerow from The ISI Group on Vimeo. Loyaltyworks CEO, Steve Damerow explains how to use incentives to capture the attention of your distributor sales reps, and increase mindshare among them. Boost ROI and build distributor loyalty with an incentive program by Loyaltyworks today.


How to Reach Dealer Incentives Program ROI in 11 Steps

The idea of a reward program is familiar to most people: the program participant performs a desired action (such as purchasing more of a company’s products) and receives a reward for doing so. Dealer incentive programs are unique in that the reward recipients are not employed by you, the manufacturer in the product supply chain. […]


Loyaltyworks Modular Online Rewards Programs: Performance Tracking

Performance Tracking is an easy way to create multiple, specific objectives for different employees or partners and keep track of them all. You want your sales team to increase sales, just like you want business-to-business (B2B) partners like distributors, dealers, and contractors to promote your products. “Increase sales” is a fairly vague ambition. Because “increasing [...] Read More...

Increase Sales with Construction Incentive Programs

Managing Supply Chain Relationships When you’re a manufacturer of construction and building materials, products change hands often—from supplier to distributor to contractor. In order to increase sales numbers, it’s essential for you to cultivate positive relationships and brand loyalty within your sales channel. Your contractors and material distributors may frequently handle your competitors’ products, and […]


Turn Your Sales Channel into a Profit Loop

The HVAC industry is rife with threats to your valuable relationship with contractors. These contractors play an essential role in the supply chain: they’re customer-facing, they see the end-user’s home or building in person, and they have conversations with those end-users about their HVAC issues. This information is precious to you, as an HVAC manufacturer, […]


Developing a Sales Incentive Plan? Be Sure to Do These 5 Things First!

Sales incentives can be a great benefit to your department or organization, but there are risks involved with implementing them incorrectly. For instance, you may reward salespeople unfairly if their rewards are based on territory. Rewards may also cause salespeople to coast by once they earn them. To figure out the most effective strategy for […]


Ten Best Practices for Sales Channel Incentive Programs

Business-to-business (B2B) organizations rely on distributors, dealers, contractors, and agents to bring their products to market. It’s not always easy to push products through this sales channel, but sales channel incentive programs (sometimes called B2B incentive programs or distributor incentive programs) can help. Years of experience working in the incentive industry with B2B clients has […]


How to Draw in Your Distributors

CEO Steve Damerow – Drive Sales and Increase ROI for Your Business By Learning How to Draw In Distributors from The ISI Group of Companies on Vimeo. Does learning how to strengthen current distributor relationships and gain new ones interest you? Loyaltywork’s CEO, Steve Damerow, shares how to draw distributors in and keep them interested. […]