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Best Tools for a Distributor Loyalty Strategy

best tools for a distributor loyalty strategy

The average modern consumer does research before making major purchases. For example, shopping for a new refrigerator now involves reading customer reviews, comparing brands and features, and making price comparisons. Today’s consumers have all this information and more right at their fingertips. They go to the store or showroom knowing exactly what they intend to […]


B2C vs. B2B Loyalty Programs

b2c vs b2b loyalty programs

When people think of loyalty programs, they most likely picture the kinds of programs they encounter in their daily lives: saving up travel miles for a free ticket, filling up a stamp card, or even just accumulating points to spend in an online rewards catalog. The team in charge of running the programs are usually […]


Get the Results You Want with Incentive Rewards Programs

Results You Want with Incentive Rewards Programs

Incentives and reward programs can be immensely useful business tools, but if they’re not implemented strategically, they will only ever be a nice-to-have perk. But contemporary online technology is capable of turning a basic rewards mechanism into a multi-functional, adaptive marketing tool. A sales department manager has different needs for motivating his or her sales […]


Distributor Loyalty Program: Is Your Approach All Wrong?

In an HVAC sales channel set-up, manufacturers stand to benefit greatly from relationships with distributors. Not only do distributors deliver suppliers’ products to contractors and consumers, they influence the degree to which manufacturers can engage with purchasing-user consumers. Well-managed, mutually beneficial distributor relationships lead to increased reach and revenue on the supplier’s part, while the […]