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Using Game of Thrones to Understand Sales Motivation

Understand Sales Motivation

A comprehensive sales motivation strategy isn’t always easy. Your salespeople might be bringing home the gold or losing their heads under pressure. Some may be motivated by travel incentives, while others value hard-earned, tangible trophies over cash rewards. With so many different personality types in any given sales team, it can be tough to know […]


How Do Incentives Stimulate the Sales Channel?

Sales Channel Partners

Often it’s not easy, as an HVAC supplier, to know where to begin when setting out to increase sales. Your end-consumers’ decisions often depend on input from distributors and contractors. Not to mention, people are generally uninformed or uninterested in the differences between HVAC brands. But there are effective marketing strategies available to you that […]


Stats on How to Forge Better B2B Relationships

engage your vip sales channel partners3

Risk aversion and resistance to change When done correctly, the creation of a market collective…addresses a multitude of common problems that plague decision making within B2B companies, including: An overly intense focus on internal considerations or end users Reactive versus proactive strategic thinking To increase the value of your brand, you must move the market’s […]


How to Engage Your Most Important Sales Channel Partners

engage your top sales channel partners

  There is no substitute for understanding and engaging the person who signs the contracts. —Sean Geehan As a sales channel manufacturer, distributor or dealer, “If only” probably runs through your head often. “If only I had access to my partners’ customer data,” perhaps, or “If only I could do more for my most valuable […]


The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on How to Make Channel Partners Happy

The-Ultimate-Cheat-Sheet-on-How-to-Make-Channel-Partners-Happy The Fallacy of Channels: Startups Beware You’re investing in your channel partners’ success in the early years so that they’re motivated in your scaling years. That’s going to cost you margin.  It’s the definition of ‘investment.’ Margin deals can be all over the map.  My starting point mentally is about 30% for the channel partner.  [...] Read More...

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Customer Engagement

Why Customer Engagement Matters So Much Now Consumers today have more confidence in the economy than they’ve had in the past six years, and they’re also more relaxed with their money, inching closer to pre-recession spending levels. Yet they remain cautious, carrying with them many of the hard-learned lessons from the recession as they decide […]


How Do Online Reward Programs Help You Reach Your Performance Metrics?

In today’s vastly connected, incredibly competitive, and highly globalized society, businesses are very complex and have complicated needs. Their reward programs need to be just as complex. Online reward technology has reached a point in which it can do more than just enhance your organization’s performance by rewarding your customers and partners. It can also […]


Research on Integrated Marketing for Incentive Programs

Integrated Marketing: If You Knew It, You’d Do It Integration means communicating a consistent identity from message to message, and medium to medium, and (more importantly) delivering consistently on that identity. It requires not only the identification of a powerful, unifying strategy and compelling voice for your brand, but the discipline to roll it […]


Top 10 Mistakes That Can Kill Your Incentive Program

It’s no simple task to figure out the best way to apply incentives. Aligning incentive programs with your goals, ensuring maximum impact on your performance, and keeping rewards interesting and motivating to program participants takes time, skill, planning, insight and a degree of trial and error. It requires thoroughly understanding your consumers’ habits, your sales […]


How Lumberyards Can Gain Incremental Sales and Boost Contractor Loyalty

As a lumberyard distributor, you know that contractors are a very important piece of the sales channel puzzle. Building contractors are the ones “in the trenches,” on job sites, speaking with consumers who are paying for residential or commercial construction projects. For this reason, contractors have immense sway over your consumers’ lumber purchase choices. If [...] Read More...