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How Do Loyalty Incentives Work?

What makes customer loyalty incentives work? No one formula works for all organizations. All businesses are different, as are their customer bases. There are, however, a few golden rules everyone can follow to make loyalty incentives programs more efficient and effective. Customers must see a loyalty reward worth earning. First, the incentive reward must appeal […]


How Do Loyalty Programs Work?

loyalty programs loyalty rewards

To be able to answer the question “How do loyalty programs work?”, first we have to look at the why before the how. Why are loyalty programs so beneficial to companies? Why invest in one? Why do businesses want loyalty programs? To retain customers and channel partners. These programs are designed to engage customers and […]


How Are B2C and B2B Loyalty Programs Different?

difference between b2c and b2b loyalty programs

Sometimes it seems like those in business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing get all the fun stuff. The touchy-feely commercials and billboard campaigns, the viral Twitter hashtags, the attention of a mass audience, customer loyalty programs—but wait! B2C doesn’t get it all when it comes to loyalty programs. Business-to-business (B2B) companies should implement and manage B2B loyalty programs […]


The B2B Marketers’ Guide to Successful Dealer Incentives

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When it comes to managing a successful dealer incentives program, there are many decisions to make and approaches to take. There are a number of incentive technology and tools, rewards, and goals to choose from—dealer incentive plans possibilities are virtually endless. So how do you know which incentive strategies to use to maximize effectiveness and […]


These Facts Reveal the Future of Sales Channel Customer Data


[ezcol_1half] The primary data collected from college students in Taiwan were analyzed to examine the relationship between perceived convenience and shopping intention. The result shows a significant relationship between the two variables, and a positive effect of convenience perception on shopping intention Building the B2B Omni-Channel Commerce Platform of the Future 49% of […]


How to Get Customer Data from B2B Loyalty Programs

get customer data from b2b loyalty programs

In channel sales, you’re often out of touch with the suppliers, customers, and end-users who matter most. You need customer data to fix that, especially when you go to market through sales channel distribution. A B2B customer loyalty program can help you motivate channel partners to submit purchase information that helps you build up accurate, […]


Examples of Loyalty Programs That Really Do Work

examples of loyalty programs

Customer loyalty programs get a lot of flack, because frankly, they often aren’t that effective. Customers don’t care about a dollar off here and there when they only buy something from you every two months and are spending more than $100. The answer? Add a loyalty program that actually meets their needs and sparks their […]


The Art of Making Your Customers Happy

Making Your Customers Happy

Think about the last time you purchased a product or service from a business and were genuinely happy.  In fact, you were so happy that you told someone else about your positive experience.  What was it about the transaction that made you so satisfied?  It most likely wasn’t just one thing, but a combination of […]


Studies on How Today’s Channel Partners Really Think

do you really know how your channel partners feel

From Promotion to Emotion Channel Partner Marketing – Top 10 Best Practices Sourcing or selection IT related products or services has shifted. Studies show that up to 90% of technology products and professional services sourcing begin with or use a search engine. Historically channel partners tend to spend less time, effort, resources and investment in […]


Do You Really Know How Your Channel Partners Feel?

Do You Really Know How Your Channel Partners Feel

Business-to-business (B2B) marketing has traditionally been all about appealing to the buyer’s rational side and making them perceive brands as having strong business value. But a 2013 study conducted by the Corporate Executive Board (CEB) and Google showed that emotion plays a large role in how B2B customers perceive the brand value of their channel […]