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The Psychological Power of Unexpected Sales Incentives

Unexpected Sales Incentives

There are two types of rewards in any incentive program. One is expected rewards, given out for achieving sales goals or completing projects. The other is unexpected rewards, given spontaneously for on-the-spot accomplishments. Both types have their place in any healthy sales incentive program, but unexpected rewards are often pushed to the wayside by program […]


Motivating Sales Teams with Powerful Incentive Psychology

Motivating Sales Teams

The element of surprise is very effective in motivating sales teams. And it’s not just because surprise incentives are fun. Scientific studies show that unexpected rewards tap into parts of the brain connected to learning and motivation. So how can you use this fact to your advantage in your sales incentive program? Let’s take a […]


Sales Incentive Programs Can Grow Sales For Your Business


Do you want to increase ROI for your business while staying under budget? Loyaltyworks CEO Steve Damerow explains how to increase sales for your business without reducing your prices in the way of a sales incentive program. Drive ROI and grow sales with a sales incentive program by Loyaltyworks today.