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PART III. Learn and Earn Helps You Conquer Training Time Constraints

The Learn and Earn Module is gaining ever-greater recognition as a major way to increase your sales success. While there exist many reasons for this success, one stands out above the rest: It creates an incentive to spend time on training. Conquer training time constraints with learn and earn. Most sales departments and channel partners […]


A Game of Thrones Metaphor to Help You Motivate Salespeople

Help You Motivate Salespeople

If you manage or work with a sales team, you’re probably familiar with the 20-60-20 theory: the idea that sales employees can be sorted into negative laggards (20%), average performers (60%) and star performers (20%). With those different performance levels come different personalities and sources of motivation. That being said… thinking of salespeople in terms […]


Facts on How Sales Incentives Increase Your Employees’ Job Satisfaction

sales incentives job satisfaction

This Is Why We Feel So Overworked [A study by Tony Schwartz], done in concert with the Harvard Business Review, found more than half of employees did not have: Regular time for creative or strategic thinking Ability to focus on one thing at a time Opportunities to do what they enjoy most Opportunities for learning […]


How Do Sales Incentive Programs Increase Job Satisfaction?


It is well documented that today’s businesses are doing more with less. That means salespeople, like all other types of employees, are taking on more stress and responsibilities, pressured to gain share in crowded markets. It also means that chances of burnout, exhaustion and demotivation are higher. You can only lose so much money to […]


The Best Incentives for Employees Aren’t What You Think They Are

best incentives for employees

When it comes to developing the best incentives for employees, one of the most important aspects is engagement. There are a variety of tactics you can use to drive employee interest and enthusiasm in your program, and we will discuss a few of them in the post below. Why Employee Recognition Is Important This may […]


Three Things You Need to Know About Sales Incentive Programs

The best way to implement a sales channel incentive program is to reward business-to-business (B2B) partners for achieving specific sales goals, offer appealing rewards with an easy-to-use fulfillment system, and keeping track of your program’s progress so you can achieve ROI with successful sales promotional strategies. Establishing the right goals ensures that your program starts [...] Read More...

Online Rewards Programs: Total Recognition Suite

Studies have shown that, not only do a significant number of adults check Facebook daily, but their moods are influenced by the messages they see on social media platforms. At Loyaltyworks, we’ve created a successful reward program module based on the power and allure of social media. We’ve found that integrating social media into the […]