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PART II. Learn and Earn: The Solution to Lack of Product Knowledge

Wondering how the Learn and Earn Module plays into training and sales? Simple. It encourages members of your sales department to take product knowledge seriously, which in turn enables them to deliver prospects a better sales experience and in the end, greater results. Keep reading to learn the solution to lack of product knowledge. The […]


What’s the Difference Between Sales Incentives and Bribes?

difference between sales incentives and Bribes

For some people, the phrase “sales incentives” has an unpleasant ring to it. They imagine incentive rewards as sneaky ways to get unsuspecting salespeople to do what you want—behavioral bribes, essentially. But in a properly-run sales incentive program, those rewards can mean so much more than simply baiting salespeople into achieving sales goals. If implemented […]


Why You Could Be Overthinking When Trying to Motivate Sales Team

It can be tough to find a universal solution to motivate sales team. People are individuals. You can offer the same incentive to any group of people, and it may surprise you to discover that each person places a different value on it. That’s because some people find motivation in their desire to become the […]


The Psychological Power of Unexpected Sales Incentives

Unexpected Sales Incentives

There are two types of rewards in any incentive program. One is expected rewards, given out for achieving sales goals or completing projects. The other is unexpected rewards, given spontaneously for on-the-spot accomplishments. Both types have their place in any healthy sales incentive program, but unexpected rewards are often pushed to the wayside by program […]


Using Game of Thrones to Understand Sales Motivation

Understand Sales Motivation

A comprehensive sales motivation strategy isn’t always easy. Your salespeople might be bringing home the gold or losing their heads under pressure. Some may be motivated by travel incentives, while others value hard-earned, tangible trophies over cash rewards. With so many different personality types in any given sales team, it can be tough to know […]


Why Are Non-Cash Rewards Better than Cash?

Why Are Non-Cash Rewards Better than Cash

Imagine going down on one knee to ask the love of your life to marry you.  Now imagine, you pull out the ring box and open it up to display a wad a cash and you say, “You can pick out whatever ring you want for this amount of cash!”  You might not get the […]


How to Set up An Incentive Program – Research


Why Non-Monetary Sales Incentives Trump Cash [Q&A With Ken Thoreson] When it comes to sales games or contests, monetary incentives are not the best options in my opinion. What is important is value and meaning. In building incentive programs or contests, you need to make non-monetary rewards meaningful. The reason cash is not the best […]


Why Non-Cash Sales Incentives Are More Motivating Than Money

Non-Cash Sales Incentives

Everyone from academic behavior economists to business consultants has devoted research to figuring out what motivates humans to work harder. Most of these studies come to the conclusion that, when motivating people using incentive rewards, non-cash rewards have a greater impact on performances due to the stronger emotional responses they elicit. What does this mean […]


The Channel Incentive Playbook

channel incentive playbook2

Improve channel marketing and management. Channel marketing is essential to running a successful B2B business because sales depend on a select few channel sales partners. We wrote the book—literally—on using sales channel incentive programs to improve channel marketing. Check out our free Channel Incentive Playbook for more information on incentive programs can help you: Develop […]


Research on How Online Reward Program Can Help You Reach Performance Metrics

Mobile App Reward Programs

Positive Intelligence The benefits of social support are not just physical. In a study of 1,648 students at Harvard that I conducted with Phil Stone and Tal Ben-Shahar, we found that social support was the greatest predictor of happiness during periods of high stress. In fact, the correlation between happiness and Zimet’s social support scale […]