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Using Game of Thrones to Understand Sales Motivation

Understand Sales Motivation

A comprehensive sales motivation strategy isn’t always easy. Your salespeople might be bringing home the gold or losing their heads under pressure. Some may be motivated by travel incentives, while others value hard-earned, tangible trophies over cash rewards. With so many different personality types in any given sales team, it can be tough to know […]


Do You Know How to Make Your Channel Partners Happy?


Here’s a question that might make some business-to-business (B2B) companies squirm uncomfortably: What have you done for your sales channel partners lately? It’s not enough to merely get along with your channel partners and maintain the status quo. Just like other types of relationships, they can become stale; one or more parties may become complacent. […]


Why Customer Engagement is the New Customer Satisfaction

Do you have motivational posters in your office declaring “The customer is always right” and “Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority”? You might as well chuck those out with your fax machines and tube TVs. The idea that customer loyalty is earned through coddling and sugar-coating is an outdated one. Today’s customers are savvy, selective […]


Six Sales Strategies to Use When You Can’t Afford a Total Overhaul

Sales-Channel-Management For organizations looking to grow, more productive sales policies are a top priority. At Loyaltyworks, many of our clients are looking to use our online reward programs as part of an overall company plan to breathe more life into sales. “Making over” sales requires considerable time and effort, however, and these are luxuries that many [...] Read More...