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Companies Doing Good – Google

In this month’s Loyaltyworks spotlight of companies doing good, we’d like to recognize a company that probably led you to our website in the first place – Google. We’re highlighting Google for an initiative that you’ve probably never heard of, but that’s making a huge impact on society: If you’re asking yourself “isn’t that just Google’s website?” No, it’s not. Their website is is the official charitable arm of Google, sort of. What it’s more like is a pool of resources, contributing capital, grants, investments, advocacy efforts, human resources, and networks to charitable and needed causes. The site was created to put the right resources with the right problems.

They help out with disaster relief, donating over $9 million since 2005 to recovery efforts with disasters like Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Katrina, North India flooding, The Oklahoma tornado, the Japan earthquake, and tsunamis. But the help doesn’t, and never will, stop at pure donations. They use their enormous networking efforts to direct critical resource tools to where they were needed, grants for first responders, and grants for long-term rebuilding efforts through an initiative called “Google Crisis Response.”

They support international and community initiatives as well through the issuance of grants and investments. Some say this type of charity is considered the future of philanthropy. They’re giving, helping, and still turning a profit while making the world a better place. They’ve invested in learning initiatives, historical preservation, urban renewal, there’s really no area of world betterment that they haven’t taken part in.

They take their pledge to “Not Be Evil” to heart.

Another aspect of charity they contribute is actual hands on community service. They contributed almost 50,000 hours of community service last year alone! But how on earth do they have time to work when they’re doing all of that community service? It’s not them; it’s their customers, aka Googlers. They organize a week called GoogleServe where Googlers pledge time to community service projects. Again, this is networking and philanthropy mixed together at its finest. They also match contributions to organizations as well. They’ve given almost $50 million to over 12,000 organizations around the world since the site was started.

Thank you, Google. This type of work and forward thinking is exemplary and is one that we and other companies will probably be following well into the future. Keep doing what you’re doing and setting the standard and trend for the years to come.



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