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Companies Invested In Wellness – Walmart

Wellness & Walmart – Surprising Bedfellows

Wellness and Walmart are two words that most wouldn’t typically associate with one another. If you’re anything like me, when you think of Walmart you think of rednecks, pop tarts, and electronics – not healthy foods. Surprisingly enough, the company is taking health seriously and is making huge strides to be one of the names you come to rely on for healthier, more affordable choices when you do your weekly grocery shopping.

Let’s be realistic, Walmart is obviously not Whole Foods, but they don’t have to be. What they are doing is buying more locally grown produce. They have even created their own “Great Value brand,” which is a cheaper alternative to staple items such as , and they contain significantly less salt, sugar, and trans fats than most other brands in their category. They’ve even begun placing “It’s Great For You” labels on products that are the healthier option on their shelves. They also label all non-GMO products and only sell sustainable seafood products. Many people aren’t healthy because they simply don’t know how to be. Placing these signs, making their products healthier, all while making everything more affordable is the sign of a company that is genuinely trying to ensure the future health and prosperity of its customers.

Wal-Mart is doing everything they can to make it easier for everyone to make smarter, healthier lifestyle choices. With their prices, even minimum wage employees can get in on an employee wellness plan because making healthier choices is now easier and more affordable than ever. We appreciate these decisions and want to recognize and thank Wal-Mart for doing this. Any contribution to public health is a big deal, but it’s an even bigger deal when it’s a company the size of Walmart does it. A company their size has an opportunity to effect real healthy change in millions of people’s lives and we love it.

We’ve been running employee and corporate wellness incentive programs for over 35 years and we’ve never seen a company so big make choices that can positively impact the health of millions of people every day. If you’d like to know more about corporate wellness programs and how companies like Wal-Mart can make them more successful, call us today at 1-800-844-5000. We’d love to give you a free demo and to show your why a recent survey of our 200 plus clients gave a us a 95% excellent rating and said they would refer us on to a friend.



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