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The Use of Sales Channel Incentive Programs in Auto Part Manufacturers

Auto part manufacturers are another example of an industry that thrives on the smart usage of incentive programs to stimulate sales motivation. They’re the ones who make all the parts you buy when you go to places like Auto Zone or Pep Boys, and they supply parts to automobile makers around the world. Ford doesn’t make their parts, you know. These companies distribute their products through various sales channels. These are companies like BorgWarner, Dana, Lear, Tenneco, TRW Automotive, and Visteon.

So why do these companies rely on incentive programs?

Take a tire store for example. They receive new products all the time. Without the use of incentive programs, the sales team will probably stick to the products they know, and never push new and different brands. This is when a sales channel incentive program works best. A sales channel incentive program gives the manufacturer a way to create sales motivation for all of their channels by offering them rewards for learning about their products and then selling them. It’s pretty simple. They can also utilize their sales channel incentive programs to provide online training, email marketing, and tracking to find out what products are moving in their various markets.

At Loyaltyworks we build programs that can advertise products and product launches through our communication programs. These tools help alert sales people to new products, products that are on sale, or products that need to be pushed. They keep the product top of mind through the continued use of print materials, emails, and reminders of the rewards that are at stake.

We specialize in creating and launching sales channel incentive programs for our clients. We’ve been doing it for over 36 years so we’ve pretty much got it down to a science. If you’d like to know more about how Loyaltyworks’ sales channel incentive programs function, and what they can do for your business, call us today at 1-800-844-5000. We’ll set up a free demo for you to see exactly how our system works; how it’s setup; and how it provides your business with ROI. Our programs are also operational in six weeks, with minimum IT involvement, and start at only $5,000. You will not find this package with any other incentive provider.



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